Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh the gifts ...

I'm rejoining the Gratitude Community. It's been way too long since I posted the gracious and amazing gifts of God in our lives ... way too long and so begins the habit again ... I'd been avoiding it because I have no way to post pictures with it, but praise cannot and should not be avoided. So I'll post pictures later, but I'm going to catch up on the gifts ...

676. Our newest baby girl.
677. The joy that lights up in that sweet baby's face when she smiles.
678. The precious laughter that shakes her whole body when she is giggling at her sisters.
679. The tender way that her sisters (generally) have with her.
680. Beautiful older daughters who love Jesus.
681. Our new 5th wheel RV home ... love it!
682. Simplifying our life!
683. That I have figured out how to work and cook well on the gas stove/oven in this RV. :)
684. My new cell phone that helps me not get lost and know the weather and FB and stay connected with our friends.
685. Snail mail ... there is just nothing better than getting a letter in the US mail.
686. Live streaming of church service at Gateway Church. We miss it there.
687. The adventure of meeting other believers as we look for a new, temporary church family.
688. The three fellows at Explore USA RV who have taken personal time on their days off to walk these new RV owners through "problems" on the phone! Chivalry is not dead!
689. My faithful Heavenly husband who provides for us through my faithful and hard-working earthly husband.
690. Bayou-Segnette State Park ... gorgeous!
691. The peace of waking up to the view of the woods ... yep!
692. Wildlife ... like the cute momma possum walking with her baby on her back that we watched yesterday.
693. Meeting new people all the time as they float in and out of the park on weekends.
694. Cooking class where we learned how to make authentic gumbo, etouffe, banana's foster, and pralines.
695. That we won the decorating contest for Halloween ... second place and we were not scary and we won a birdhouse ... how cool is that?!
696.Warm sweaters.
697. Aging gracefully.
698. My sweet momma and her continued amazing example to me ... a mother's job truly never ends, praise Him!
699. Paying down/off debts by His grace and provision.
700. A cool birthday surprise date with my hubby ... adult's only dinner at Emeril's Delmonico, a night in a fancy hotel, manicure/pedicure. Precious!
701. Breastfeeding.
702. Great homeschool books to read ... just great!
703. Hearing God speak.
704. New seasons.
705. New friends.
706.The priveledge of raising three Godly girls ... boggles my mind that God would trust me with them.
707. Libraries.
708. The joy of being together in one place versus driving back and forth between states.
709. Family time ... movies and popcorn, games, wrestling, hide and seek, bike riding, laughing.
710.Lessons learned from dumping black, grey and galley water from the RV ... a picture of the yuck the Lord saves us from everyday! Praising Him that He washes us clean ... white as snow.
711. Blog and Facebook friends.
712. The privelege of staying at home with our children ... this Momma's heart is full and thankful.
713. Conviction.
714. Power from the Holy Spirit to carry-out all He calls me to do and be.
715. My sister.

I could go on, but I'll stop for today. I want to live a life of gratitude EVERYDAY because He calls us to be thankful in ALL things. Obedience. And, because it changes my lenses and those of the eyes that watch how I view the world. Prayerfully, there will be pictures next time! :)