Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hoopla 2011

Every year for 10 years now, my mother's side of the family has gotten together on Memorial Weekend to hang out and have LOTS of fun. This year was no different! It was filled with lots of food, games, double dutch, water wars, picking up bugs, cousin sleep-overs, swimming, laughing, eating, hugging, cooking, hoola-hoop, indoor s'mores and much, much, more. Here are some of the photographic highlights ... of course, the best part was my 93-year old Grannie still joining in all the craziness! Blessed!

Cousins cooking together ... Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls ... yum!

My sweet Momma and my sweet sister!

"Big Grannie" and Madison.

Entertaining the baby girl :)

Love these sweet faces!

Double Dutch

Works lots better with big people at the ropes.

My Momma and her Momma!

More chefs and more cinnamon rolls! Bring them on!

Me and my Paw-Paw!

The "Fabulous Five" ... these all belong to my sister and I.

Eating ...

Jump! Jump!

"Big Grannie" and my wooly cousin, Tre' and I. I am the oldest and he is the youngest of the first cousins. How did we get so big! :) And, speaking of big, love his big old beard!

Preparing for water wars!



Love this beautiful face! :) So thankful God gave her to us!

Me and my sweet Momma!

Hoola-hoop train! Whose the leader?

Swimming with my Aunt T!

All the "big girl" cousins swimming!

I LOVE this picture of my Grannie and my babiest laughing with each other ... it is pure joy!

And, love this beautiful face! :) So thankful God gave her to us!

My sister and I and our Grannie ... she's rocking!

I love this picture of my mom and her sister (my aunt) laughing together. That's what they do and I have heard many a story of their mischevious growing up. They love each other!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We honored the Brian on Father's Day by baking his favorite dessert with fresh "Farmer's Market" peaches baked into peach cobbler and a day at the beach ...

Patting the pie crust dough ...

Peaches ... yummmmmmy!


Signing Daddy's card while the cobbler cooks.

Ahhh, sweet success!

Delicious! What a handsome guy! :) So glad he's ours!

And, now off to the beach to do some boogie boarding, beach ball and hanging as a fam!

Me and my man ... self-portrait.

I could just eat up these little baby feet.

Beautiful girl.

Soccer star!

Look at me in the water ... only cause I'm safe with my Daddy!

I can "boogie," too!

Another beautiful girl!

Mommy and Brianne ...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011