Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Couple Months & 1,000 Gifts

Getting back in the swing of blogging and what better place to start than some random, out-of-order photo's and reaching 1000 on my list of gifts. Although, as I've been sitting here typing them, I could go on and on and on. I will continue to count gifts, but I might just list them and not blog them. But, this much I know, God's gifts are daily and innumerable and beautiful and ugly-beautiful and simply amazing ALL THE TIME!

We have been dining on these for weeks now ... so sweet and juicy just off the trees.


Big sister helping littlest sister. Precious!

BFF's acting silly.

Practicing on the boogie boards!


Grandma and the big girls ready for church.

Our Root and Herrold family ....

... and our awesome kiddo's!

Monopoly on a cool day!

A girl must have her pearls! :)

Chalk art!

Ripsticking with Daddy!

921. Dinner with our lifelong friends, the Herrold's and Root's
922. Alpha Summit.
923. Church at Gateway and the blessing of hearing John Maxwell .
924. Toddler hugs and sweet kisses.
925. Surprise compliments .
926. Belongings now in storage in the same city we are.
927. Getting my food processor back!
928. Safe travels.
929. My mother-in-love’s chicken and dumplings … yes!
930. Pearl necklaces.
931. Places to stay where we are family and not just friends visiting.
932. Giggles from little people reunited with BFF’s.
933. Friendships that are so intwined that it was just like yesterday when we are reunited.
934. Paper plates when I’m too tired to do dishes.
935. My 93 year old grannie graced us with her presence at Hoopla! God is good!
936. My cousin’s seriously wooly beard.
937. My mom’s never ending joy and optimism.
938. Ca-yuuuuute outfits on serious sale for toddler growing at Kohl’s.
939. Artist trading cards.
940. Chalk art.
941. Finishing the school year … finally.
942. Girls learning to cook and their specialty … French toast … yum.
943. Peach cobbler with fresh peaches.
944. Roadside farmers markets.
945. Great teaching and worship CD's to listen to on the road.
946. Shade trees and cool breezes.
947. Bible study with women who are becoming friends.
948. A new church family.
949. BBQ on the beach for July 4th .
950. Father’s day and an incredible husband and father.
951. Sippy cups with straws.
952. God is God and His promises are sure regardless of what my earthly eyes see.
953. Bandaids.
954. Baby girl starting to say real words.
955. Seeing my sister!
956. "Learning to Lead" Camp at Abilene Christian University.
957. The beautiful ACU campus ... a huge change from my day's there.<958. Jacob's ladder ... an amazing outdoor work of art on the ACU campus.
959. The sin of the world on Him so that we might be free!
960. Sweet camp counselors.
961. Sign language.
962. Hanging with Kimberli ... always, always awesome!
963. Dinner with Kimberli, Lisa J. and a new friend, Lex Ann.
964. Getting to see my very favorite David and his sweet daughter.
965. The incredible quiet and peace at my mother's house in the country.
966. Wind.
967. Cream cheese on toast.
968. Toby Slough guest speaking at church and the fun of catching up with the fellow who married us and baptized Brian.
969. Ice cream on hot days.
970. Sea Camp at the Univ. of Miss. Marine Education Center.
971. Meat tenderizer that miraculously takes the sting out of jellyfish.
972. Seeing dolphins.
973. Men's fishing trips ... and fun and fellowship even though no one caught dinner.
974. Italian chicken/veggie pasta.
975. Monopoly.
976. Rain.
977. Towels to dry up leaks.
978. Puddles to play in.
979. Cousins talking on FaceTime.
980. Little notes from friends I've never met that make my heart smile.
981. Text shopping.
982. Laundry baskets.
983. Angels.
984. Paper towels.
985. Quarters for machines.
986. Razor scooters.
987. Ripsticks.
988. Strong legs and coordination to maneuver scooters and ripsticks.
989. Nice, friendly neighbors, though they be transient.
990. Old men's heartfelt prayers at my mother's church.
991. An amusing Sunday service at my mom's church when the preacher was out-of-town ... made me smile alot and I could just smell the sweet aroma that God was surely pleased with.
992. Safe trip and work for my dad.
993. Golf.
994. My camera working and capturing the moments of our lives..
995. Gnarly twisted trees by the beach.
996. Dr. Pepper's "on the house."
997. Loud frogs ... never knew they made such sounds.
998. Sweet notes in my email from older daughters who now have an email addresses.
999. Basketball camp.
1000. The amazing gift of counting gifts!!!

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sharilyn said...

wow! congrats on 1000!!! i'd be there too if i hadn't dropped the ball on mine... one day!! it's not that God's not giving gifts, just that i haven't been listing or counting... :)

good on ya, mate!: )