Thursday, July 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We honored the Brian on Father's Day by baking his favorite dessert with fresh "Farmer's Market" peaches baked into peach cobbler and a day at the beach ...

Patting the pie crust dough ...

Peaches ... yummmmmmy!


Signing Daddy's card while the cobbler cooks.

Ahhh, sweet success!

Delicious! What a handsome guy! :) So glad he's ours!

And, now off to the beach to do some boogie boarding, beach ball and hanging as a fam!

Me and my man ... self-portrait.

I could just eat up these little baby feet.

Beautiful girl.

Soccer star!

Look at me in the water ... only cause I'm safe with my Daddy!

I can "boogie," too!

Another beautiful girl!

Mommy and Brianne ...


sharilyn said...

what joy!!! looks like it was great fun... :)

April Spicer said...

I just have to say that I could EAT HER UP!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. That little baby....who isn't a baby anymore!!! :) (I know she is to you, though). She is so precious. THe girls are so gorgeous and adorable. I love all the smiles. THe pics make my heart so happy. What a joy it is to see you and Brian happy. :) :) Praise God!!!