Friday, February 19, 2010

One Million Arrows!

I have the distinct privelege of reviewing this book and being a part of a 'blog tour' promoting it. It is one of God's answers to my prayers for direction in raising His daughters. I have only read three chapters so far and I am enthralled, encouraged, and FIRED UP! When I am finished, I will do a review, but if you are curious, then go on over to
onemillionarrows and have a peek.

Here is the question:
"Will the world change your children? or will your children change the world!"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, The Snow!

Today the Lord opened His heavenly storehouses and brought on the snow! (Job 38:22) Simply AMAZING! It is the fourth time He has blessed us with snow in the last three months (the first being the day of Brianne's birth) and this family couldn't have been more excited. Oh, how He gives His children great gifts!

"Mom, do we have to do school all day today?"

Baby girl didn't know what she thought of the snowflakes hitting her face. Not her favorite thing! However, making it in a picture with Mommy was a bonus!

She was just too adorable!

Much rather be bundled up ... what a sweet bundle of joy!

Look out ... she's a good shot!

What can I say? Precious!

Our very own snow angel!

Snow wrestling with Daddy!

She'd rather have hugs!

The snow amazon?

No, the snow hombre!

And, yes, we really got over 7 inches and it is still snowing! Thank you, Lord!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh baby!

Our baby is growing ... more beautiful and fun and lively everyday.

Ready to go!

Smiles, everyone, smiles!

Daddy sugar!

Baby fingers and baby toes ... could eat them up with a spoon!

Loving her some biggest sister ...

Loving her some big sister ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I haven't posted in awhile ... (January)

And, some of what we did in January ...

The "heart" finder ... always looking for God's heart in everything.

Joining in on some family card playing ... is a royal flush a good hand?

Upwards basketball ...

A yummy reward for increasing her time on the mile run in p.e. class ...

Welcoming home the Root's from Ethiopia ... here is the whole family of seven, now!

Jason and Caleb ...

Bekeh and her new brothers ...

Peyton and I at the "Jammie's and Heels" Mother/Daughter night ...

Madison and I ... Oh, how I love my girls!