Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, The Snow!

Today the Lord opened His heavenly storehouses and brought on the snow! (Job 38:22) Simply AMAZING! It is the fourth time He has blessed us with snow in the last three months (the first being the day of Brianne's birth) and this family couldn't have been more excited. Oh, how He gives His children great gifts!

"Mom, do we have to do school all day today?"

Baby girl didn't know what she thought of the snowflakes hitting her face. Not her favorite thing! However, making it in a picture with Mommy was a bonus!

She was just too adorable!

Much rather be bundled up ... what a sweet bundle of joy!

Look out ... she's a good shot!

What can I say? Precious!

Our very own snow angel!

Snow wrestling with Daddy!

She'd rather have hugs!

The snow amazon?

No, the snow hombre!

And, yes, we really got over 7 inches and it is still snowing! Thank you, Lord!


Room to Think said...

So good to hear from you! Have so much catching up to do as I've been, well, missing in action for a while (over Christmas and New Year). Your baby is utterly adorable!!!!!! I am so glad to see you all well and having a blast in the snow.

As for Kari Jobe and the song (More I Seek You), that's my favourite part too and please ship her over to my little church on the Gold Coast, Australia, please!

Stay in touch! :)

sharilyn said...

oh so jealous here!!! what fun to play in snow!!

LOVE that close up of baby girl (the eyes shot)... beautiful!!

and... what an AWESOME snow hombre!!! too cool! (literally, too, i'm sure!) : )

enjoy some for me, pleeeeease!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you all got to enjoy all that snow!! The girls look beyond happy!

Amanda said...

That is one AWESOME snow man! Your kids are just adorable!


Anonymous said...

i love love love all these beautiful, snowy pictures!

Micki said...

you have such beautiful pictures, we enjoy looking at your beautiful family...blessings for sharing with us!

Sonny & Micki Rice