Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

The "dog days of summer" make for some stinky dogs (and kids, but that's another story)! So, Daddy and Madison jumped on making those little mutts, I mean sweet puppies, smell yummy ... or at least not so sweaty doggish. As you can see, bath time is NOT Cocoa's favorite activity at all. He likes to be in charge and bathtime does not equate to in charge. Gilbert is a good sport, probably because he's afraid of the "alpha male" in our house ... who is even more alpha since there is another girl on the way! :)


Oh the pain of bathing ....

Does this face look happy to you?


Discussing bath time with the "alpha male."

Oh the things a doggie has to endure for beauty!

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sharilyn said...

this is one reason that i loved having a cat-- no doggie stink...ever! :) i loved that i could always stick my nose right into her fur and breathe it in w/o gagging!! :)