Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a party ... just a little belated!

I know their birthdays were in April and May, but between first trimester pregnancy, moving, unpacking and the other major life changes happening in our lives it took a little while to get a birthday celebration figured out. This year, we kept it simple and had a few of the girls best pals over for some water games, pizza, cake, lots of playtime, a little art, a movie and popcorn and (finally) sleep! :) The next morning was topped off with Daddy at the griddle making pancakes. I'm thinking a good time was had by all. Here are a few glimpses (okay, maybe more than a few ... sorry!) of the fun. Enjoy!

The whole gang ...

Sponge/bucket races ... the idea is to get the sponge, filled with water, from one end to the other, fill the bucket and the first team to fill the bucket wins.

Next up, the jug fill. This was the most hilarious because of all the different heights of the kiddo's and their pouring abilities. So much fun! First to fill the jug twice, wins!

The "big kid" ... instigator!

Pay back! :)

Water balloons ... too hard to throw and get someone so they just started popping them over each others heads!

Free for all .... just FYI, no children were wounded on the trampoline. There was no jumping allowed and no standing.

The Daddy tower!

Snack time ... and a moment to dry out ... before the pizza was ready. Such sweet friends!

Happy Birthday to you! It's hard to believe that our sweet oldest daughter is NINE! How does that happen? She is a joy to behold and her giggle is simply infectious! We love our Madison!

And our sweet baby isn't the baby anymore. How did she get SEVEN? It's just wrong how fast they grow! She is so precious and such a helper and a snuggler. She's our girl in charge. We love our Peyton!

Happy Birthday Girls! God has great things in store for you and we are proud to be your parents! We love you! Mommy and Daddy!

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Lisa said...

i love those party activities! looked like tons of fun. happy birthday, girls - even if it's a wee bit late. may God richly bless you both this year.