Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thousand Gifts ...

I am reminded again of what I already knew … not actively noticing (because they are always there) the gifts our Father lavishes on us blocks my blessings, clouds my vision and steals my joy … particularly in times of trial and fatigue. So, I am returning to what I know, the JOY OF THE LORD is my strength, and He is simply amazing. So many gifts, so much to be thankful for …

Lazy Sunday Gifts …

626. Perusing cooking magazines for nifty new recipes.

627. Taking the challenge to try a new recipe.

628. Cooking with Grannie.

629. Scrabble with precious daughter.

630. Tinkering in the garage.

631. Playing hangman with Daddy … even upside down.

632. Naps for momma’s growing babies.

633. Fingerprints in puffy dough.

634. The fingerprints of the Almighty God all over our lives.
635. Homemade rolls with butter … delicious!

636. Peace.
637. Cool weather.
638. Heads on shoulders.

And still more gifts …

639. Ghiradelli Double Fudge Brownies (with no trans-fat)!
640. Accomplishing something … anything when I am tired!
641. Finally organizing the girls bedrooms and playrooms.
642. Borrowing a crib … amazing there is a little person on the way to sleep in it!
643. Our precious friends adopting a sister and brother from Ethiopia … can’t wait to squeeze their little selves!
644. African pen pals … daughters given the opportunity to share a friendship across the miles with children in the Village of Hope.
645. When God miraculously shows things up that were missing ... big things ... in His perfect timing to fit His perfect plan.
646. Because with God, there is nothing missing, nothing lacking.
647. Reading!

648. Faith, in spite of what my eyes can see.
649. George Mueller.
650. Holy Spirit driven ability to “capture every thought and make it captive” to the truth.
651. Answered prayers … over and over and over again.
652. The unbelievable women God has blessed me with in this life … simply boggles my mind. Thank you, Lord!
653. Our daughters, sweet sisters sitting out on the porch swing reading books together.
654. Grandmothers who don’t mind getting a “new do.”

655. Grace and the ability, with His help, to forgive and move on.
656. Have I mentioned … baby girl kicking me! So cool!
657. Red flowers on the window sill in my bathroom.

658. Starbucks with Jerri!
659. The “Alpha” men’s ministry at church. AWESOME!
660. Obedience to the Lord and the awesome rewards and peace that come with it.
661. Harvest!
662. Sleeping babes …

663. Provision … miraculous and amazing provision.
664. Our new homeschool p.e. group and the friends we are making there.
665. Awesome classes and awesome men and women of God who speak His truth in those classes.
666. Learning about the Jewish feasts and how they apply to my life as an adoptive daughter ... grafted in by God's amazing grace.
667. That our daughters are heart-seekers … God’s love in Frosted Flakes and shredded cheese.

668. Memorizing scripture … the sword of the Spirit.
669. It's okay to have a messy house ... yep! It's okay.
670. How AWESOME it is the changes God has made in our marriage ... night and day!
671. Tenderness.
672. Our singer, making up songs.

673. Studying American heroes and being amazed all over at their fortitude, sacrifice and character.
674. The joy our girls have learning the "motions" and singing Jesus songs for us.
675. College football and cheering on our favorite Tre' Newton at University of Texas.

Oh the AMAZING joy of gratitude!


Room to Think said...

hey!! some years ago i found a heart shaped cornflake in my bowl (something prompted me to look down and there it was untouched by the milk) on valentines day. this morning i found a tiny pefectly heart shaped piece of onion skin below the bowl with the onions in it on the kitchen counter. my husband and i found some heart shaped stones on the beach during our first anniversary weekend away too. God is so cool! oh how He loves us so!

sharilyn said...

{sigh of contentment}...thank you for sharing. it is so true we have to go back to what we know... i must take time for a gratitude list again soon!!

and HOW DID I EVER MISS THOSE HEARTS!?! i love it! especially when kids get in on the act and start seeing them on their own! wonderful! (check out my recent post: http://heartrocklife.blogspot.com/2009/10/delightful-heart-of-friend.html)...warms my heart!