Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What am I doing lately?

... hanging out with these cuties, praising God for His faithfulness in providing work for my sweet hubby after a 13 months of standing in His promises (more on that later) and praying about our next move (literally) ... big and exciting changes are coming for this family ... wanting to be in His will and make moves He has in mind for us, not ones our earthly thinking can come up with. I know you are excited to know all the details ... so are we! I'll fill you in when things are firmed up. In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful faces! :)


Julie said...

So very excited for you all, breaks out hearts to think of y'all leaving our area BUT trusting the Lords plan and that our hearts will be connected no matter where you live.

Charlotte said...

Sweet family! Love the smiles.