Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swamp Tour!

Brian was able to steal away part of a day and we loaded up the car and headed for the swamp ... swamp tour that is! Okay, seriously, God has an imagination that is simply mind-boggling. Thankful to God for making this world so varied and full of wonder for us to enjoy!

Our host ...

Um, yeah, that is a baby alligator she is holding, not a lizard.

And, she is holding it, too! :)

Daddy and Brianne waiting out the rain so we can go hang out in the swamp. The rain seemed to help with the mosquitoes, too.

This was our first alligator. He was H.U.G.E. with snapping jaws and did I mention HUGE? Madison's favorite bit of information on alligators was discovering they don't have tongues, just HUGE jaws to go with their HUGE selves.

Momma's holding on to that baby ... no alligator food here. No ma'am!

Okay, I love this picture for a multitude of reasons. But, most of all, because it gave me a picture of our Heavenly Father ... who holds our hands and journeys with us and wants to be in this close of a relationship with us always ... doing life together. That, my friends, is what it's all about!

And, I love this picture, too. Daddy's and daughters. Be still my heart!

"He's looking at you, kid!"

Little rascals ... they were scavenging bread we were throwing at them. Too cute!

This is pink moss ... we learned that pink moss is always on the side of the tree facing north. Okay, God is so cool that He never wants us to get lost. He's given us the Bible ... His words, His direction ... and He even put pink moss on trees so we can find our direction. Isn't that the best?

Egret ...

Bye-bye big guys ... these are some of the alligators that tailed us in the boat. Thinking they were hungry. The tour guide was feeding them raw chicken and they are ferocious! Glad to be leaving them behind, but blessed to be able to marvel over God's creations as a family!

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sharilyn said...

love, love, love this!! i want to go on a swamp tour!! :) sans mosquitos, however!

great photos, too....