Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valentines (a wee late) and Gifts!

Finally, able to upload pics and start blogging again ... I know you missed me! :) Thought I start with Valentines and counting gifts ... always counting gifts and then every day becomes Valentines!

821. Joy on girls faces after receiving cool packages from Miss Sharilyn.!

822. Love note to husband.

823. This beautiful face ... and candy necklaces.

824. And this beautiful face and cool heart stickers.

825. And this beautiful face and some stick on earrings ... which she actually left on. Too cute!

826. A bottle of sand with God's heart in the shape of a rock. Love reminders of His love all around me. And, they are ALL around me!

827. Fun decorations (some ideas stolen from Ann V.) and the fun of decorating!

828. Peices of artwork drawn with love and shared around the park with our favorite adopted "grandparents."

829. More hand painted love!

830. Heart shaped pizza.
831. Floor picnics.

832. Healthy dessert ... fruit kabobs. Lovingly skewered by very excited daughters!
833. The joy that comes from counting gifts.
834. The "Love Box"
835. Sleeping in.
836. Paper airplanes.
837. Housework.
838. Tiny pink buds on trees.
839. His mercies never come to an end ... they are new every morning! Lam 3:23

From Oldest Daughter:
840. Haircut places.
841. Showers.
842. A pretty dress.
843. A best friend.
844. Upwards basketball.
845. Markers so that we can write down gifts.
846. Knives so we can chop food.
847. Kiwi's.
848. A stove so we can cook.
849. Blankets to sleep under.
850. Movies.
851. Heater blankets.
852. Spin pins.
853. Diced peaches.
854. Chicken sticks.
855. Heated swimming pools.
856. Electronic pencils.

Back to mine:
857. Roof repairmen.
858. On line banking.
859. Friends who willingly go out of their way to check our mail and drop checks at the bank ... thank you ROOTS!
860. Rejoicing in others peoples' gifts.
861. The gift of prayer when there is nothing else I can do.
862. A perfectly timed visit from Grannie and Pawpaw.
863. Science Museums.
864. Apples to Apples.
865. Annoying things that give opportunity for us to see and notice God coming to our rescue.
866. Great quotes.
867. Tears that are healing.
868. Sadness over lost puppies.
869. A community of "granparents" that love our girls and looked for our puppies with us.
870. God heals ALL wounds.

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sharilyn said...

just happened across this post... !! love all the happy valentine/love photos! :) so glad for you all in my life...!