Monday, April 11, 2011

Gifts ...

... uhm ... yes! He's an awesome Dad! We all adore him and thank God that He picked this man to be husband and father and leader of our family!

... the four of us chicks!

... celebrated 12 years with my sweet husband on March 27th ... he is the bomb!

And so ... more gifts ...

871. Awnings on RV's that change a super warm day into a cool one.
872. Clean laundry facilities
873. Quarters to turn on the machines.
874. Clean clothes and sheets and towels.
875. That we have clothes and sheets and towels.
876. Nice people we meet all the time in this RV park as people come and go.
877. That the Lord healed our hearts after our puppies ran away.
878. Fasting Facebook and Twitter ... what a serious change in perspective.
879. Yearning for Him!
880. Embracing now.
881. Cell phones to keep in touch with friends and family.
882. Parents coming to visit.
883. Golf carts.
884. Praying for Japan.
885. God is in control ... always has been, always will be, is not surprised by anything or pondering what to do next ... and best of all, His plans are always good, no make that great!
886. Two baby alligators at the golf course.
887. Moss on huge oak trees.
888. Shade.
889. Lemon drops.
890. Sweet compliments about God's girls.
891. Three days off ... in a row!
892. Working on a Family Vision Statement.
893. Toddlers who communicate quite well without words. :)
894. New pair of shorts.
895. Goodwill.
896. Purple.
897. "I love you, too, Mommy."
898. Inspiring women that I know personally.
899. Inspiring women that I know through books, talks, blogs ...
900. Air conditioning.
901. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing that our girls like to dip carrots in.
902. Water to drink and play in.
903. His vision.
904. Moon Pies.
905. Majestic proud geese.
906. Cool breezes.
907. Spring flowers.
908. Honeysuckle.
909. Dancing babies.
910. Singing daughters.
911. Southern hospitality.
912. Redefining me by Him.
913. Grills and grilling outdoors ... yum!
914. The smells of grilling.
915. Naps.
916. Heated outdoor swimming pool.
917. Toddler's toddling.
918. Memorizing the Word.
919. Memories.
920. Absolutely NOT defining Him ... He is limitless and without boundaries ... so cool!

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