Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catching Up ... Upwards Basketball 2012

So this was Madison's last season to play Upwards Basketball. :( But, it was an especially fun season because the sisters were on the same team. The dynamic duo!

First up, our Peyton-girl ... she's fast and quite the shooter!

Second up, our Madison-girl ... she's a defensive power-house. She got linked up with some tough players (boys) and gave them a serious run for their money!

And, lastly, Brianne and her half-time ball-rolling buddy! So precious! And our favorite fans ... Mike and Emsoon (from our RV park), Bill and Marion (also from our RV park) and my parents, who get the award for most faithful fans considering the looooong drive they made to be present and cheering!

P.S. Sorry for the sideways photo's. For some reason they wouldn't upload straight up and my sweet Gina, who knows all the ways to fix things, is in Africa leading a mission trip team with her hubby, Jason. Praying for them. I'm sure I can be tutored to fix it when she returns! :)

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Amy said...

Glad to see you blogging again. Maybe you guys will be in Texas again soon and we can have a basketball game of our own!!