Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And God ...

There is much going on here. There is a spiritual battle going on all.the.time and how can we ignore it and name it by earthly names. And, in the midst of waiting, there is anger and truth and wanting to quit and feeling like throwing my hands up and Abraham's faith and waiting on God and the noise. The chatter. The constant speaking and static and ick that goes on in my head and it's a battle. And, there is truth. God's truth. God's promises. God's Word. It never changes. He never lies. He does what He says He will. And ... He STILL speaks. Absolutely. And, the more crazy I feel saying it, the more truthful it is. I have stood in complete earthly crazy before. And, God ... He NEVER fails. So, I get just quiet enough to hear Him whisper. And, that is where peace, truth, love, joy and rest lie. Yes, friends, He still speaks ... And, I love Him all the more.

*Picture borrowed from Marissa.

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