Monday, May 13, 2013

Still Here ...

Have I mentioned I LOVE sheep? Because I am one. A messy, hair-in-my-eyes, tantrum-throwing, forgiveness-asking, guidance-needing, Jesus-loving sheep. I love this particular sheep photo because he is a big 'ole mess, just like me ... most of the time ... well, more like all of the time. Just being honest. We have much going on in our life presently. In fact, we would no question blow the top off the stress scale. But, the great thing for us is we have The Shepherd. And, He is leading. And, blessing us in spite of what appears with earthly eyes to be chaos. And, loving on us in ways that fill our hearts and spirits. So, with fists pried open at times, we surrender our mess to Him and wait with great anticipation for the beauty He is making from these ashes. So thankful I am a sheep.

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