Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mistress Mary!

Today is my sweet, precious Grannie's 97th birthday! Ninety-seven! Just wow! Her life, it's characterized by laughter and tears and resolve and resilience and perseverance and joy and laughter and wisdom and selflessness and so much generosity and all those words that sum up a woman after God's own heart. She has seen the worst and seen the best and lived joyfully through it all. In her day, she was an awesome cook, like awesome! She was amazingly creative, quite the seamstress and she could do some serious crocheting. I will not discuss how many afghans I have as it might prevent me from getting any more. :) Just saying. She was a fierce competitor, just try beating her in Ping-Pong or being on her team and not playing up to par. And, she has loved her family well. Her servant's heart is unparalleled. And oh, the stories she could tell. I have learned much from her and, even today, just sitting next to her and holding her hand is a little slice of heaven on earth. She is a true matriarch and I am blessed she is mine! I love you Grannie!

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