Saturday, August 9, 2014

He Never Leaves Us

There are days I feel like this sheep looks ... tired, weary, bewildered. I want answers. I need answers. I don't understand. I'm need some help holding myself up. And, oh how I would love to know the route to the promise He has already given me, already confirmed, but His ways are not my ways. God knows those times. And, I find when I press in, when I cry out to Him, when I seek His face and, truthfully, when I fess up about how angry I am when I don't get it, He is ever faithful. He opens my eyes to see. He pours wisdom and discernment and answers into my heart. He has a friend text or call and just the right words. Why? Cause He is faithful. He answers prayers and opens eyes and doors and sometimes, He just gives me peace that passes understanding that makes the wait bearable. He is faithful. He loves us. And, let me be clear, this isn't just available to me. It's available to all of us who seek Him. Sometimes it might take patience on my part. Sometimes waiting a bit. But, it always comes. He is faithful!

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