Friday, January 30, 2015

These two ...

... minus the bear (whose name is Camelda, if you are wondering) are totally LIVING IT UP in heaven! Holy cow! I can almost picture it some and I wouldn't wish them back here for any reason at all, in spite of missing them.
I'm reading a book by Francis Chan and his wife called, "You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity." Good gravy! It's a perspective changer/reminder. So much truth in it. Did I say good gravy! I read this part yesterday ...
"If you'd rather watch your kids grow up than see the face of your Savior today, you don't grasp the beauty of God. If you worry about what would happen to your children if you were gone, you don't understand the providence of God. Pray for a deeper understanding of His worth and sovereignty. Pray earnestly until you are infatuated with seeing His face."
Tears. I immediately recalled a conversation with my sweet Momma the November before she knew she was sick. It went something like this, "Honey, if it comes down to a choice between staying here with you and going to be with Jesus, no offense, but I'm choosing Jesus." I guess that could be shocking to some. But, she got it. What an amazing legacy! And, now she's hanging at Jesus' feet and whatever other awesome, amazing things there are to do in heaven. For eternity. I wonder if she's had a chat with Peter yet and told him she has a daughter who is a bit mouthy and impulsive like him? :) Or if she has met Deborah and talked with her about my name?
Like I said, jealous! This world is not our home. So, I'll enjoy it while I'm here .... but I will willfully choose and constantly remind myself to keep my eyes on Him.

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