Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Talk to the hand ...

... because the face ain't listening!" I got in BIG trouble, in my 40's I might add, by my sweet Momma for the disrespect this phrase conjured up. And just by the way, I did NOT say it to her. Anywho, this picture made me think of two things:
1. the disrespectful attitude the above face comes with, and ...
2. it is exactly my sentiment toward the multiple voices, opinions, attitudes, lies from the pit of hell (which can look like those ostriches in reality) ... that go on in my mental dialogue and that can actually come straight from truly well-meaning people I know or encounter.
Truth is, I heard a couple very good words that cover this thought ...
"What is the authoritative standard in my life? I've got to decide if my experience is going to be authoritative and I'll adjust my theology to justify that or if I'm going to allow the standard that God set through Jesus to be the standard and continue to contend for breakthrough ..."   -Alan Smith 
"Am I happy, content, fine just to meet with Moses rather than going up the mountain and meet with Jesus Himself?"    -Francis Chan 
Doesn't matter what I see, doesn't matter if I do or don't understand. Just matters that I know Him and walk with Him and see Him. Seek His face, not the latest greatest speaker, book, human quote, conference ... lovingly referred to by Francis Chan as Moses. God IS everything. That's a fact. He made every last thing with His Word and it's all held together by His Word and somewhere along the way, I put Him in a box called my earthly experience and taped Him in. Doesn't mean He can't and doesn't use whatever He wants to get His point, Word, direction, whatever across. But does what I am clinging to match His word or is it merely my flesh responding to flesh? I am going back to vigilantly focusing on being surprised, overwhelmed, bowled over, consumed by His goodness every single day. Trusting Him and what He says. No box. And, very definitely, no more ostriches.

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