Sunday, May 25, 2008

Six Flags!

“Home School Day at the Park”
We LOVE these days … a day of fun in the (not too hot yet) sun with close friends followed by the Home School Book Fair and getting excited about curriculum prospects for next school year. Keeping up the Six Flags tradition, the Herrold family joined us and, this year, we hung with the Wilson’s, too. We rode all the favorites, more than once, and were pleasantly surprised by the girls' new found bravery. The biggest roller coaster in the park was conquered and we flew on the Superman ride, too. Cool! We left the park exhausted and happy with voices hoarse from screaming with joy!
Gearing up to start the day!
"We'll be swinging ... swinging. Yes, we'll be swinging ... swinging ... "
Tic, tac, toe ... four beautiful girls in a row!
"You put your hands in the air like you just don't care ... "
"Oooh ... you're squooshing me!"
"That looked like fun, let's try it, too!"
Thank you, Lord, for a cool spray at the end of a groovy day!

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