Monday, June 2, 2008


"Dunham Family Hoopla.”
Memorial Day Weekend
This year, our 8th year, we explored a new place, Lazy H Ranch, and it was great … our own little paradise in a canyon in the Hill Country. Big Grannie was able to get around in the great room and play her fair share of dominoes and cards. The cousins and second cousins swam, laughed, joked, danced, ate, played poker, caught up and shared stories. Oh, and did I mention ate? We only had one snake sighting … well two, same snake though. Praise God! This year marked the beginning of the “Hoopla Olympics.” Fitting for a competitive group … I mean, we did all inherit the competitive gene from Big Grannie, right? It was TOO MUCH FUN! Crazy races and water fights. Thank you Lord for family … with all our warts and weakness and yuck … we still love each other and enjoy each other and see one another’s beauty and embrace the fun of being family. I always look forward to Hoopla! '
"Mistress Mary" holding court at the card table.

Time for a nature hike ... I mean drive ... with Aunt Kelly, the cruise director.

My sweet parents!

Can we go swimming yet, pleeeeease?

Ready, set ... jump!

Olympic three-legged race ... Go!

Water races ... hurry, fill up the bottle, not my head!

Poker faces ....

An engaging conversation ...

Love birds ... ahhh!

Thank God, I'm a country girl!
Cousins ... growing up together, but way too fast!

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