Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Gifts ....

Way too long! That is how long it's been since I have posted gifts ... and here is what I have realized ... in not being focused on gratitude and thankfulness, my thinking has shifted ever so slightly and oh so subtly. I have focused a little too much on my circumstances and things I don't like and not enough on the abundance of blessing that is living in Him and under the shelter of His wings. When I am not on the hunt for all God's gifts, and when my camera lies still, then I am, generally speaking, missing them. I am finding that I am not as mindful of God's gifts and thankful for them. These precious gifts just become a part of everyday life that I take for granted. I get caught up in what is going on around me and my spiritual eyes get out-of-focus. As I was re-reading the gifts I have listed, I was reminded of God's goodness in our lives and all that is really important. So, here's to LOTS more gratitude and eyes wide open to see His abundant gifts!

"You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you." Psalm 118:28

391. Words spoken to my heart exactly when I need them.
392. When God allows me to see where He has used me for His glory.
393. God moments.
394. Last remnants of fall.

395. His agenda, not mine.
396. Tea parties.

397. This list … and how it inspires me and changes my perspective to go back and read it.
398. A diagnosis … knowing what to war against in prayer.
399. My sweet husband who did and said and didn’t say all the right things when I got the diagnosis.
400. Praying with warriors who stand totally in assurance of Him and all that He can do and when they get done speaking what God has to say to you, you walk away lighthearted and full! AMEN!
401. Joshua-friends, who are really better described as Joshua-sisters!
402. When God opens doors to tell about His glory in our lives.
403. “We’ve got to live like this!”
404. Blogger friends who I’ve never met, but love to pieces.
405. Warm socks on cold feet.
406. Christmas music that fills my soul. My favorite this year is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” by Casting Crowns.
407. Options.
408. The amazing way that God works His restoration … blows me away!
409. Oxygen.
410. Rejoicing with friends over their triumphs!
411. My friend, Jerri, who reminded me so much I have it memorized and have shared it with others … “Has God changed? Has His word to you changed? Then who cares what it looks like in the earthly?!”
412. Encouraging words.
413. The blessing of friends who stand with you in agreement for miracles.
414. Friends who absolutely know that God still does them.
415. Friends who will drag you up on the roof and start digging in order to get you to Jesus.
416. New seasons.
417. Cookbooks.
418. Praise and worship and how I am ushered into His presence through them.
419. My children learning about real life things in church class … boundaries. What good stuff!
420. Hands raised high to heaven!
421. New adventures.
422. Friendships that transcend the boundaries of a church building.
423. Confirmation.
425. Freedom!
426. Anticipation.
427. Couple-saints.
428. The way my heart knows when God is speaking to me and how clearly He does.
429. Brown eggs.

430. Lost teeth.

431. Bananagrams.

432. Nostalgia.
433. The kid-friendly adventure God has provided for my children at Ole’ with Grannie and Paw-paw.

434. My mom’s funky kitchen.

435. This face!

436. Beauty queen.

437. Truvia … natural sweetness from the stevia plant.
438. Ezekiel bread … and the fact the I think it is pretty tasty.
439. My favorite jeans … Levi’s 505’s … my whole life I’ve struggled to find jeans that fit right and were long enough for my long legs. Thank you Jesus for 505’s.
440. A full moon.

4 comments: said...

i love how intentionally thankful you are!

Lisa said...

What an encouragement your gratefulness is to my soul! I too am trying to have an "attitude of gratitude". I find it reduces the complaining in my spirit. *wink

btw - thanks for your sweet comments about our boys. Listen, have some pretty adorable girls down there!


mm said...

Thank you... thank you for inviting me on a God hunt... it is such a sweet journey.

I too - today - will turn my heart to a place of gratitude.

Many blessings to you, my new friend...

Angie said...

These gifts are all around us if we will but look. I like looking with you. Beautiful list.

I keep one at, a sister site to Consider the Birds. It's in my sidebar and you've reminded me to return to my gift hunt. It helps me too when I take up my camera to catalog.

As I'm new to your place, I'm not sure about your diagnosis, but am praying that God's grace and healing would move into every need.

Blessings to you and yours,