Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Gifts ....

441. Oldest daughter reading her bible and writing down her favorite verses. Oh Lord, draw your children to you always.

442. A washer and dryer.
443. A heater that works.
444. A house to hang out in when it’s yucky weather outside.
445. Warm jackets, gloves and hats.
446. Almonds and raisins … my new favorite snack.
447. Oldest daughter learning photography.

448. Icicles.

449. Creative ways to encourage writing in daughters … a blog!
450. Tummy medicine that worked well enough to allow baby girl to sleep longer than an hour at a time.
451. No more throwing up!
452. Tears … and the fact that the Lord collects them in bottles.
453. The privilege of hanging out with mother-in-love as we remembered our beloved Poppie.
454. Bicycles.
455. The amazing way the Lord made our bodies.
456. Health insurance.
457. Puppy “movie buds.”

458. Rolling down hill.
459. Mother ducks who
feather their nests.

460. Sisters growing into best friends.

461. Swinging with Grandma.

462. Ice skating.

463. Daddy’s shoulders.

464. Climbing trees.

465. Reconnecting with old friends and new friends on Facebook.
466. “School room” on a blustery day.

467. The fun my girls have drinking out of champagne flutes we got as a wedding gift. Makes me laugh!

468. Teeter totters.
469. Black bean salsa … YUMMY!
470. The feeling of freedom that comes on me when I start getting to the end of my “To Do” list.
471. Re-reading my journals and standing in awe, again, of God’s glory in our lives.
472. Colorful straws.

473. The gift of the Holy Spirit.
473. Babies, how new and sweet and fresh from the Lord. Welcome to the world Merritt.
474. Big girls.
475. Knowing smiles.
476. The way God overwhelms my heart with kindred spirits … sisters … for this journey He has us on … to share the joy, the tears, the disappointments, the victory … to see with the same eyes that He is glorious and it is all about Him.
477. Frosted Flakes.
478. A funky, yet reportedly comfy, seat.

479. It’s a choice ….

480. When God gives me a glimpse from His heart and mine starts breaking. Oh that His perspective would stay with me always … right there in the front of my mind. That my heart would break for what breaks His always. His eyes. His heart.
481. Stacey’s Pita Chips.
482. Missionaries all over the world … ambassadors for Christ!
483. Daughters who show their love and concern with a flower … priceless!

484. “I’m your snuggle bunny, Mommy.”
485. Heater blankets.


Lisa said...

i enjoyed that. Thanks.

Lisa said...

how've you been feeling these days? any progress/change in your condition?

sharilyn said...

thanks so much, debra, for sharing these gifts! i love reading what others see God doing/being/moving. i LOVE those icicle photos! fabulous! and, my heart resonates with #452...that has always been one of my favorite thoughts/verses. how precious our every tear--of sorrow and of joy--is to our loving Father. :)

Room to Think said...

Hello! Ah, you must have found me through Lisa's blog. Are you both related by any chance? Stop by any time. Will put your blog as one of my Great Find links.