Saturday, February 28, 2009

Such Gifts ...

486. Drive-In Movies!

487. Simon Says

488. God’s hand on my head and no ugly side effects on the second shot! HALLELUJAH!
489. Birds.

490. Surprise lunch with friends.

491. Quiet.
492. Athletic ability.

493. School chair anywhere.

494. Clean sheets.
495. Comforting smells … husband’s cologne, daughter’s hair, fresh baked bread.
496. Laughter in the midst of yucky circumstances and how it flushes out your soul.
497. Things one can depend on, always.
498. Daughters prayers.
499. Mother’s example.
500. Potatoes.
501. Creativity … I know I can do it!
502. Naps!
503. God’s word and how it teaches and heals.
504. Sea salt … the kind you season with.
505. The prayer that I might be salt and light in this dark world.
506. Knowing that before I knew Him, He used me to bless someone else all the way back in high school.
507. That God gave me the strength and courage to give myself my own shot, twice now! WOW!
508. Two little precious nurses.
509. Communion.
510. Dust rags so that maybe I might have the hope of getting ahead of the dust bunnies!
511. Vacuum cleaners.
512. I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength … including making it through my “to do” list.
513. God’s financial provision.
514. God’s protection over all things we ask for.
515. Adoption.
516. The knowledge that the more often I am around God’s people, the stronger I am and the more I know and feel God’s presence.
517. Mail.
518. Bandaids.
519. Black bean salsa … want the recipe?
520. Order … “God is not a God of disorder, but of peace.” I Cor. 14:33a
521. Rescue from the Lord … He already knew what I needed and sent the calvary just in time!
522. Calculators.
523. Commitments that enhance my life with my children … God’s most precious gifts!

524. Light … in the form of direction from the Lord to direct our path … also, in the form of candles, lamps, sunlight, lightbulbs, windows, flashlights …
525. Complete joy and laughter between sisters reading a book, in this case “Hank the Cowdog.”


Room to Think said...

I love your lists of thanks to's wonderful how you appreciate the little things. I don't mean to be intrusive but what are the shots for? I've known for a bit that you are not well but haven't quite mustered the courage to ask about it but I thought I should otherwise I don't know what I'm praying for exactly. Thanks for leaving such encouraging comments on my blog!


sharilyn said...

what wonderful joyous gifts!! i delight in them with you from afar!! God is truly good!

how funny! the word verification is "glora"...let us give all glora to God!! :)

Lisa said...

I love these as well! Yes, I would like the black bean salsa recipe...if it's not too much trouble. Thanks...

Room to Think said...

thanks for sharing. will believe with you