Friday, March 20, 2009

God is Creative!

Prayerfully, you won't convince me ever again to go to the zoo on Spring Break. While I can report the kids has a good time with each other ... the mommy's were dragging! It was unbelievably crowded. However, we enjoyed God's amazing creativity in the animals we saw ... and even in the people. The animals are cool and crazy and walk funny and sound funny and are so vastly different from each other ... wow! And, there was a crowded, hot, somewhat grumpy, large group of people walking around that place vying to see these amazing creatures. And, God was watching us all ... His amazing creation ... each of us different, wonderfully made and loved so much by Him that He sent His son to die for us that we might have eternal life. Praise God and may I look at others around me all the time and see them through His eyes!

The zoo gang!

Best of friends.


I'm thinking this is what everyone at the zoo needed by around 1:00 ... a rest in the cool to calm grumpiness and refresh!

Look closely ... the hippo is under the water.

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alece said...

that's an african penguin! they live in cape town... and i LOVE taking their picture. (and offering commentary! they make me laugh!)