Thursday, March 12, 2009

Never Enough Gratitude for Gifts ...

526. “Guard turkey" who "attacked" as we were turning around in a drive-way. He pecked and pecked at the tires and we laughed and laughed.

527. Sling shots.

528. Sleeping babes.

529. Hand jive.

530. Card tricks.

531. Reading spots.

532. Winter flip-flops.

533. Hubby finally home after 18 days in the field.
534. Signs of spring.

535. Adventures with God that require absolute faith.
536. Women’s retreats.
537. How God awes me with His provision.
538. Inspiring books that we read in homeschool.
539. How much I learn from my children … humbling, awesome, amazing … WOW!
540. Mother mentors.


sharilyn said...

love the turkey! what a kick! :) and love the pink budding tree... is that a Redbud tree? i took a zillion pictures of Western Redbud trees while i was living one spring in Northern CA...

Lisa said...

loved all of these too! glad your husband is home. i pray you get to enjoy and celebrate YOUR anniversary. Hoping you'll get a bit of rest now too with him home. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.