Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aquarium and Insectarium

New Orleans has a wonderful Aquarium and an impressive Insectarium, both of which we visited on one of Brian's days off. So much fun! Unfortunately, we never made it to the zoo. We hear it's pretty impressive, too. Maybe this summer with our Bray friends. :)

Standing in front of the big aquarium. An amazing variety of fish ...

Ummm. SHARK!

Up close and personal. My favorite were the sea horses and sea dragons. God has such an awesome imagination and to think, He created all these things for our pleasure. Such gifts!

Peyton's penguin ... seriously, for 10 minutes he followed her back and forth from the glass. It was fascinating. He would watch for her and then follow wherever she was walking. We even did experiments to see if it was our imagination. Nope, he was sweet on her. :)

Touching sharks ...

White alligator. Very cool to see this.
I understand he is actually a breed of alligator and not albino like we first thought.

Insectarium! BIG BUGS!


Tarantula ... yikes!

Ladybugs are my FAVORITE!

Bug mouth ... this was a part of an underground display. Very cool!

Creepy crawlies!

Various buggy delicacies.

Brian tried ALL the buggy delights, but I was really impressed that Peyton tried them. She didn't even toss her cookies, although we weren't sure for a moment! :)

Bug armor!

It was a great two days of learning about the world God has created. Seriously cool things both at the Aquarium and the Insectarium.

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