Friday, January 21, 2011

"Beach Chicks" and Counting Gifts ....


New year. New season. And, the beach. What more could we ask for ... well except for the Lord to come now and save us all from this insanity on earth. :) But, that's another blog post. Today, I am counting gifts!

716. A rockin' new RV park to stay in in Biloxi. We love it and know we are right where we are supposed to be.
717. Lots of sweet "grandparents" to meet in our new park.
718. I cooked a roast on the stove top and it came out AMAZING! (usually use a crockpot)
719. Our quick trip to Texas where, among other things, we were blessed to love on our Root family and our Herrold family ... oh how we miss them!
720. Our girls and the nieces playing together in the hotel ... swimming, games, hugging, loving, growing ... overwhelming!
721. Reconnecting with my sister.
722. Parents, mine and his.
723. My sweet friend Missy, who lately, God has used to remind me of what is real.
724. The Bray "Chicks" and the fun day we spent just hanging out with them. One of the sweetest blessings from NOLA.
725. The beach! We LOVE this beach.
726. There is a Target here ... it's the little things. :)
727. Got my copy of "A Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are" and digging into it. What a gift from God through Ann Voskamp.
728. Gina. Enough said.
729. Baby feet. Couldn't you just eat them up?
730. Toddling baby.
731. Smiles ... and the joy behind them.
732. My word for the year ... "intentional" and the new definition the Lord gave me for it.
733. The fun of exploring a new city and new surroundings.
734. Building a life TOGETHER.
735. The privelege of praying with and for friends.
736. Internet ... quick WiFi where we are now.
737. God tugging on my heart strings, and so consistently, on His plans for me.
738. Growing pains.
739. Medicine for sickness and His healing touch.
740. Warranties.
741. He ALWAYS provides.
742. Learning to draw boundaries and stick with them.
743. Dr. Pepper.
744. Photographs, cause ...
746. Seeing differently through that camera lense.
747. What I am teaching our girls teaches me.
748. My sweet pal, Ruth.
749. The ever growing, ever changing, always getting better, relationship I have with my sweet husband. He rocks!
750. Quiet time.
751. The beautiful new anniversary band my sweet hubby gifted me with for Christmas and it's significance for me. So blessed!
752. Living in a small space.
753. Learning all the things we are so easily living without.
754. Ripsticks.
755. Nature ... most specifically, the cool 'possums we "caught" in our dog pen and the wolf we watched run across the road.
756. The Insectarium in NOLA.
757. The Aquarium in NOLA.
758. Gumbo ... I am now a big fan! :)
759. The fun of staying in a hotel when we travel with Brian for work.
760. And, the blessing of being able to do that (travel with Brian for work).

Three quarters of the way to 1,000 and looking forward to the next 1,000. Lord, give me Your eyes to see all the gifts!


Lysa said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

The Crazy Roots said...

I love you Debra! Love the pics of the girls and the growing list! Whoo hoo!