Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Girl ...

Our babiest girl turned one in December! And, since we were in New Orleans and no party could be had that celebrated with friends and family, we had our own celebration! :) And what better place for a big ONE YEAR OLD than Build-A-Bear?! We let her pick her own bear, which meant touching them all ... such an overwhelming choice! Baby girl chose a very soft puppy, which her big sisters and I keep calling a bear. Go figure! Build-A-Bear was followed by a ride on the Christmas train, a visit with Santa, a ride on Daddy's shoulder and, at Grannie's house during Christmas, a brownie birthday "cake." What a tremendous blessing and gift you are sweet Brianne! We can't imagine life without you!

Picking out her "bear."

Yep, I'm sure this is the one I want.

Mommy love! :)

Picking out a heart ... and this sweet "bear" also giggles, which Brianne loves!

Safe in Daddy's arms 'cause that fluff machine is really loud.

Train ride.

This balloon was a entrancing. She kept pointing to it and saying "zis," which she does often when she is interested in something ... point and "zis."

Happy Birthday to me!


Hooray for me, I'm ONE!


Amy said...

I can't believe she is one! They grow too too fast.

Room to Think said...

aww, happy birthday cutie! you're absolutely gorgeous...what a darling!

sharilyn said...

such happy happy faces!!