Saturday, January 18, 2014

This Year ...

I'm not a fan of the graphics in this picture and the author is unknown (can't read it), so I don't exactly know what it may/may not be attached to. Sorry. However, every single time I look at it my heart leaps. Why? Because of  its declaration ... there will be miracles. Yes, there WILL be miracles and I am not just counting on it or hoping for it, I fully believe it. God, He is a great big God! He loves me, loves us and we are His. I am resting secure in the fact that He is taking care of us. Many Words He has spoken over us are going to happen this year. Of that, I am certain. His promises are secure. I am filled with hope and faith and trust ... and downright joy ... knowing He is faithful. How things will happen and exactly what, I don't necessarily know, but I KNOW in my knower, THERE WILL BE MIRACLES!

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