Friday, October 10, 2014

Nifty Fifty!

This week, Wednesday to be specific, I reached another change of decade. I turned 50! I realize it is a big number. Truly one you are never quite sure you will reach, until you do, cause it seems so far away. It is definitely not the number that matches the number I have for me in my head. Please people, I have a four year old!

This has been a week of celebrating me! Dinners out, Round Top, sweet surprises orchestrated by my amazing daughters and hubby and precious God-kisses. So, good! And, I feel appropriately launched into this new season, anticipating, excited!

I am celebrating by posting a picture I treasure. This is the last photograph of the three of us all together. Middle of the night, laughing and blurry. I love these women. I like to think my precious mom would be proud of me today. Smiling. Joyful. She lived her life as an example always for us, knowingly or not. Beauty-full. I miss her every day. I love you Mom! Happy Birthday to me!

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