Thursday, October 16, 2014


Getting warmer. It's a term our preacher uses. I've heard it used in hide and seek and other childhood games … and, I’ve been thinking of that in terms of getting closer to something, like meeting a goal or achieving a promise or something tangible. But this morning, it occurred to me that this getting warmer, it is a Person. It is the Person. Getting warmer ... it’s about standing next to God, sitting at His feet, listening, breathing, loving, hearing, knowing. It’s about walking out whatever next to Him. The reason things aren’t working the way I think or expect is because *I* am trying to make them work, instead of just breathing Him in and letting Him work, the way He has planned. Trusting God. And, the reason this isn’t happening is I keep sitting down. Pouting. I keep stopping in the road. I keep entertaining voices that are not His and allowing them to dictate what is life and truth and what can and can’t happen. Like the internet or a human voice or opinion is the boss of me. Not. It's His voice. It’s His voice and what He says and His way and He is wooing me and this time, this time, I want back where He has led me. I want to follow. I am a sheep. Getting warmer.

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