Saturday, October 10, 2009

Transition Vacation ... Part One

Ahhh, vacation! We were blessed by the Lord with the means to take a family vacation. It's really our first one (and probably last one) with just the four of us ... as we will soon be five! We went camping at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. We went during the "Feast of the Tabernacle" and camped in a tent. It was great fun and the Lord blessed us tremendously. Here are some of the highlights ...

LOVE pumpkins ... they are the beginning of Harvest.

What we did most of the first day ... read, rest, relax ... due to the rain.

The rain slowed to a "spit," so we ventured out. Yeah God! The girls are standing on what is called "turtle rock" because the formations look like turtle backs. Pretty cool!

Madison looking sweet!

Peyton pondering our next adventure ...

Got to love the brilliance of leaves changing colors. God has such a glorious imagination!

Oh, and the rain brought out all kinds of different and interesting varieties of mushrooms.

Beautiful area we were hiking in ...

Waterfall from one side of the mountain ...

Same waterfall from the other side ... didn't look that far down from where we were before.

Standing in a crevace ...

Sisterly love!

Sun trying to peak through. This was the view from dinner. Breathtaking to watch the clouds move back and forth over this valley and these mountains.

Our tent covered with a tarp to keep out the wet after the first night's rain. It worked, by the way.