Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transition Vacation ... Part Two

More vacation ... this was the giant cave that we walked in. There were actually cave pictures if you looked really close. Also, if you look really close, you can see the girls and I standing behind that big rock ... yep, it was a big cave!

This was a beautiful stream on a part of the hiking on Day #1. Mom skipped this one because it was all downhill (not bad), but it was also straight uphill (1 and 1/2 miles) on the way back. Mmmm, no thank you! A little too pregnant for that one!

Well, what else are you supposed to do with mud? Making mudpies ....

Daddy managed to work up enough fire to ...

... roast marshmellows ... yum!

Next day (10/7), we set off to explore Bear Cave. No this is not it. This is one of the amazing rocks that were everywhere stacked precariously on themselves. Made one wonder why they didn't just topple over!

This photo cracked me up. The sign said "No climbing or repelling." Guess that didn't include hanging. :)

Another crazy looking mushroom ....

Brian climbed down onto a ledge to get a better look. Peyton wanted to, but it was a little too close for Mommy's comfort.

It was a little too close for Madison's comfort, too. Here she was clinging to the tree so she wouldn't slip forward.

Two sweet sisters hanging outside the "bear cave."

All of us in the midst of a deep crevace. Very cool!

The girls on top of the crevace ... aren't they just too precious!

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