Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Grief is an odd thing, then add a bunch of very stressful life situations and things that I have no control over (but God does, praise Him!) and I find it very easy to be judgmental of people and situations I don't have the whole picture of, or that I do have the whole picture of, but still can't change. And, it's amazing to me, that in the midst of it all, when I ask, and believe me people, I am asking, God is faithful to answer by changing my heart or changing my perspective or giving me the solution or just giving me peace in the storm or the wait. He reminds me that His people, myself included, are flawed people and that His Son was sacrificed for all of us ... the one's who walk in freedom all the time, the one's who walk in freedom most of the time, and the one's who just really don't have a clue what freedom is at all. He loves us all. All of us. And, that's His command to me, the Daughter of this Amazing King, to love. So, I'll put on His armor and I'll battle to love. Because, His love wins!

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