Friday, June 28, 2013


When I was growing up, it wasn't presented as "purity," it was presented, incorrectly I might add, as virginity. In fact, the entire emphasis was on saving yourself for marriage and not in a positive way, but in a legalistic, condemnation way and who can win with that dragon breathing down your neck? What's more when you fell off the virginity wagon, well you might just give up on the glorious plans God has for married sex.
Thankfully, wisdom has begun to prevail. And, God in His infinite greatness, has put it on the hearts of many wise people to present what He REALLY has to say about sex, which is purity before (and actually after) marriage. But guess what people, purity isn't just about sex. Say what? Purity is a whole package. Sex is a part of it and saving yourself for marriage is, too. Absolutely. However, when you look at it from a purity perspective, which God has all along, then it becomes about your heart. A pure heart. Me likey.
I have three daughters. I know the kind of world we live in. Sex sells. What's more, it's in ALL the ads of airbrushed perfect bodies (although it is subtle sometimes), it's in commercials, t.v. shows, videos and movies, sexting, pornography, suggestive conversation. Need I say more. I mean, why not have sex when you want? Why not? Because our Creator, the One who loves us THE MOST and who wants what's best for us didn't make up rules just to be cruel and steal all our fun. He created parameters, boundaries for us to live in that create joy, protect our heart and result in "life and life to the full." Exactly what He came to give us, what He died on the cross for. That is what I want my three daughters to get. These parameters/boundaries are for our GOOD and His GLORY and they result in awesomeness. Serious awesomeness!
Is purity easy? No ma'am, or sir, depending on who is reading. Nope. It's not always easy. In fact, it can be pretty stinking hard. I would, however, like to say, it can be done with the help of the Holy Spirit, who is ready and waiting to come to our rescue ALWAYS. And, it seems (and this is truth) that things that are easy, are not always worth it. Purity is not always easy, but speaking from experience, it is ALWAYS worth it. ALWAYS.
My prayer is that my lovelies and any other lovely they or I cross paths with that needs to hear it, will have a deep understanding about purity. Why God calls us (me included) to it. A pure heart. A pure life. A pure love before Him. And, as a huge FYI, He doesn't leave us to ourselves to accomplish this. He has given us His Spirit to help and guide us. He didn't/hasn't left us here willy-nilly to figure it out and accomplish it all on our own (BTW, wouldn't happen).
So, jump on the purity bandwagon. I'm telling you, it's worth the ride! :)
P.S. A couple of resources (and there are many more) for such a great Godly choice as this ...
  • The Bible
  • "Pure Life, Pure Love" by Elsa Kok Colopy ... and just one of my favorite quotes from the book: "Purity: living your love for God in the good things you pursue. It's guarding what you think about, what you look at, and what you communicate (through all forms of communication)." translated: GUARDING your body, PROTECTING your emotions and POURING your passion, that passion into great things!
  • ...  may I now say, this is a rocking website!
P.P.S.S. Oh, and if you've already crossed the line (mind, body or spirit), guess what? It's NEVER too late to start over. We have a God, a Heavenly Daddy, who's all about forgiveness and restoration. Serious restoration. Jaw-dropping restoration. It's way too awesome. Just ask Him! And, if you need a wee guidance, leave a comment and I'll contact you and walk with you. I promise, I will NOT publish your comment!

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