Monday, June 24, 2013

The Exchange

I wrote cards to my aunt and cousins as Father's Day approached as this would be their first without their husband/Dad on this earth. You see, my Mother's brother went to be with Jesus a month before she did. I know how hard firsts are, and even after that first year, there are still many things that are hard. I know this because I have been there losing a Dad and now, I am here again, only this time, it's my Mom. I miss her terribly. Every. Single. Day. But as I was praying and writing I said this:

"My prayer is that God will
take the sting of loss and exchange it for the joy of having had."

I realized after I wrote it, what was a pretty deep and profound thought it was. One only the Holy Spirit could plant in a brain and one that only He can work out in our lives as we surrender every day to Him. Every day isn't perfect, by any means. But, truly, that is what He is doing. In the midst of painful grief, He is bringing joy. Thankful.

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