Friday, October 3, 2008

More Gifts ....

211. Innocence ... may we, as their parents, protect them ... with great wisdom and discernment ... from the world and its ways as long as it is within our ability to do so!

212. Swinging.
213. Painting.
214. Forts ... building them, playing in them, inventing different ones, sleeping in them ...

215. Learning to write.

216. Trees … "and the trees raise their arms in praise to Him who made them and the willow trees bow at His feet".

217. And the two shall become one (Mark 10:8), rooted in Christ.

218. Camera’s, especially digital ... to capture all that is joy, the "ugly-beautiful", the fun, all that is our life ... our real life.
219. Warm blankets.
220. Crayons.
221. Water … to drink, to wash in, to swim in … living water.
222. Couples weekend away with our Home Team, our spiritual family, full of laughter, jokes, great conversation, lots of junk food, serious breakfast, poker, golf and pedicures.
223. M & M's.
224. Reading great books … like mother, like daughter.

225. Teaching puppies to walk (or is it puppies walking daughters?)

226. Men fighting for our country’s freedom.
227. Paths less traveled ... and we are all the better for it.

228. Climbing vines.

229. Balance … on log bridges … and in life.

230. Puppy love!

231. Funny sayings that come from the mouths of babes ... my latest favorite from youngest daughter ... "Dern shaddit!"
232. Death has no hold on us! Last week, Misty graduated to heaven. I and many others had been praying for her healing on this earth. It was not to be. Her husband, Darren, is walking with God and that faith does not waiver in spite of his earthly loss. God is good, all the time.
233. A clean desk!
234. Flowers ... God's love shown in simple beauty.

235. And, youngest daughter who loves flowers like her mommy does and sees the beauty in them, in spite of the weeds.

236. Girl's focused on the "gift" list ... they took a notepad and pencil without my prompting with us on our latest nature walk. They penciled in their own list as we walked along. Thank you Lord!


237. Hunter husband ...

238. ... and the fact that he is eager to include us on these adventures in spite of the added noise that I'm sure keeps him from his "dinner" mission. :)
239. Girls who love the outdoors and who are brave enough for any other activity Daddy might suggest.

240. Determination.


Robin said...

You have a neat blog - love your header picture - what a beautiful family full of God's love!

Michele said...

Debra - I LOVE your thankful/gift list! It is so wonderful to be blessed - and know it!

Julie said...

Love reading your list! Love the pictures. Sweet.