Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Gifts ....

276. Free tickets to the circus!
277. Cotton candy.
278. Elephants and the amazing tricks they are taught to do!

279. Simplicity!
280. Pen pals. Mine is from high school and it is fun!
281. Businesses that unashamedly profess their belief in our Lord and Savior on the walls of their dining room and in the testimony they tell in their activities.

282. Bees and the awesome fresh honey they produce.

283. Old things repurposed beautifully #1 … flowers in old chair.

284. Mainstay Farm's
homegrown Christmas trees.

285. Old things repurposed beautifully #2 … there was something about this wheel. It was part of the back of an old truck, I think. The bed was filled with pumpkins. It was breath-taking! Maybe it would fall under the category of “ugly-beautiful” ... seeing cast-offs flourish with new purpose.

286. A red seat.

287. Old tractors … can you tell I long to live in the country on a farm?

288. Fun old license tags.

289. Washing hands in a washtub outside.

290. Playing cards with Paw-Paw.

291. Playing dollhouse with Grannie.

292. Mazes and how they reflect our lives … don’t give up, keep your eyes on Him and He will lead you through them.

293. Fall displays.

294. A sound mind so I am able to choose to see life through different eyes … blessings and challenges, not curses and yucky. We are so privileged!
295. That, in spite of 24/7 dizziness, I can still function and God has a purpose and He will heal me in His good time. Thank you Lord! And, in the meantime, His grace is sufficient for me!
296. Doctors who are interested in a true diagnosis versus handing out meds.
297. That Daniel was so courageous and forthright in the Lord. Talk about walking out your purpose in life WITHOUT compromising in a society where that would be so easy today … sound familiar? Wow! Read Daniel 6. Trust in the Lord! He NEVER fails.
298. “It’s A Wonderful Life” ... the movie and mine!
299. My rock awesome husband who God gifted with creativity and craftiness blessing his adoring wife with a bookcase!
Yep, I'm special!

300. Boy Scouts.

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sharilyn said...

a grateful heart is a contented heart... thanks for sharing yours!