Monday, October 27, 2008

More Gifts ....

219. (New one, because old was a duplicate ... thank you, editor!) "Dancing With the Stars."

241. Outdoor classroom.

242. Shopping for Halloween costumes.
243. Ice cream cones from Chik-Fil-A.
244. My awesome "Arise & Shine" prayer group.
245. Not turning on the computer until after school, per God's instruction, which brings extreme peace to our day.
246. A pink "lacy" pumpkin.

247. Awesome fall weather!
248. When handsome husband comes home from being out-of-town for way too long!
249. Cards in the mail.
250. The luxury of being a stay-at-home mom.
251. That the world is still full of cool things.
252. The ability to read and write.
253. The still small voice of God that I am able to hear.
254. That there are still those in this world who I have the privilege of showing Him to.
255. New friends at homeschool p.e. group.
256. The awesomeness of knowing people who when you are having a bad day or don’t feel good or are just heavy in spirit immediately pray for you … on the spot!
257. Birthday cake.

258. Wisdom that is shared with me and changes my walk or my thought process.
259. A Heavenly Father who when I cry out to Him for help … He helps me!
260. Merry-go-rounds.

261. The world and everything in it that belongs to Him … now how big is that?262. And, while I am talking about big … OUR DADDY WHO IS HUGE. Seriously, HE IS HUGE …
263. … and I am eternally grateful that there are those in my life who remind me of that when I, for even one second, forget.
264. Little surprises like my sweet girlfriend and her family are “accidentally” at the same pumpkin patch as we are on my birthday … what a nice surprise gift.

265. Birthday cards and flowers from hubby.

266. Sleeping daughters snuggled next to each other.

267. Healthy, growing daughters.

268. My camera to record our life.
269. My journals … another record.
270. HUSBAND: Back didn’t go out considering all the standing I did while on the job out-of-town.
271. HUSBAND: Sleeping in my own bed next to wife after too long away.
272. OLDEST DAUGHTER: Reading my Bible everyday.
273: YOUNGEST DAUGHTER: “Chihuahua” movie.
274. YOUNGEST DAUGHTER: Singing for Jesus.
275. OLDEST DAUGHTER: Experiments with growing radishes.

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