Friday, October 17, 2008

Under the Big Top!

I LOVE the circus, especially when it's done like it was when I was little ... all innocence and good clean fun with enough entertainment to make you "oooo" and "awwww" and alot of patriotism thrown in to remind you that we live in American, the Land of the Free and the Brave. Thursday night we went for our third year in a row to the Moslaw Shrine Circus with the Herrold's. Look forward to this every year. This year was just as fun as the others. Thank goodness that there are still reminders of time gone past when life was simple and so was entertainment. Thank you Lord for simple reminders of Your goodness!

Can't have a circus without a picture with a big clown.

Anticipation .... and cotton candy!

Lions jumping through flames ...

Tightwire walkers with incredible balance ... phew!

How about that hoola-hooping?!

Serious balance.

A boy all squished into a box and not a small one either, the boy, I mean. Who knew men could be so limber?

Now that is serious balance ... wow!

Elephant rides and pure joy!

Dancing ponies ...

Parading poodles ...

and the flying trapeze artists!

My personal favorite, the elephants!

Proud to be an American!

Blessed with great friends. God has given us a group of wonderful Godly relationships as a blessing to ourselves and to our children. I praise Him for that. These are some of our dearest!


Money Talks said...

great photos

Paige said...

Do you have any cotton candy left? I would like a bite! i absolutely love cotton candy! Glad you had fun! Great pics!

Have a nice weekend.....the hair turned out great! (knew you were worried about it!)
We should have lunch!

Julie said...

Looks like a splendid good time with loved ones. Beautiful blessing!!! I haven't heard of that circus. I will have to find out more.