Saturday, December 28, 2013

Because He Loves Us ...

Getting this RV sold has been a lesson in belief. Belief that God will do what He said. Belief that because it was His idea that we purchase and live in it, He will take care of providing it's new owner. Belief that in the interim, He will provide for our needs financially. None of these things are hard except the deceiver doesn't want us to believe God is good or that He provides or that He loves us. The deceiver would have us believe God is a liar, that He doesn't care for His children, that He is a one miracle God. We made a decision to believe God. It was not an easy one because the deceiver came against us plenty. We called him a liar, which truthfully was hard to do on some days, and God shut him up!

We are praising God today for His promises are always "yes" and "amen." He always does what He says and He IS our provision, our daily bread even when we can't see it sometimes. He promised life and to the full. He is faithful. Thank you Lord for releasing us from ownership of the RV and thank you for all the lessons you taught us living in a small space and all the lessons in faith. You rock!

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