Monday, December 9, 2013


Outside of the fact that I love this picture and it reminds me of Christmas, what it says is so true. "Heroes don't always have shiny armors." At least not armor that is visible to the naked eye. I am married to a hero. I believe one of the amazing things that comes from struggle and prayer and everyday life and listening to God and allowing Him to change you and listening and following some more and joy and laughter is a hero. Honestly, when I married my sweet husband, even at 34, I was na├»ve. Rose colored glasses. But a covenant commitment changes those glasses to God glasses. We have changed in great ways, endured, loved, cried, walked when we didn't want to and been redeemed. We are still being redeemed!
Sunday, our pastor talked about Joseph, as in step-dad to Jesus. And the questions he surely had like, "Do I have what it takes?" and "Am I ready?" Beautiful. Because God's answer was yes! Joseph was chosen. We are chosen. God doesn't choose the ones who are ready, He makes ready the ones who are chosen. It's a beautiful thing to watch my precious husband pursuing holiness and on his way to holiness becoming excellent. It's precious to watch it in the girls and even begin to see it in myself. Heroes. God is glorious!

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