Friday, December 13, 2013

Caption This?!?!

I love this bird. Love it. It makes me smile a lot. He seems ... hmmm ... indifferent. "Whatever." Quiet. "You ain't getting nothing out of me." Sleepy. "Who doesn't need a nap?" Perplexed. "Really?" Pondering. Observing. Questioning. "It's going to take how much longer to get the heater part in and fix it? I might turn into an ice cube by then." Perhaps, he's just laid-back and cool. "'Sup dude?!" Maybe he's just normal. Yep. Mostly, I think this owl and the expression on his face are hilarious! It is comic relief and I just have to laugh. And, laughter is the best medicine. Ever so thankful God created this guy and I got to see his photo. :) Thought someone else might enjoy a bit of humor today!

*Photo credit: Borrowed off Pinterest, originally here, I think.

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