Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ever More Gifts!

Thanksgiving Day is upon us … the official day we pause as a nation for Thanksgiving to Him who provides for us all … some understand the meaning of this celebration, some don’t. Some may look at their lives and not see the countless blessings … I’ve been there. Some are overwhelmed with God’s grace and goodness … I’ve been there, too. That’s where I want to stay … at His feet with a grateful heart. I read this post this morning about thanksgiving. I have more than I can count to be thankful for! We are rich beyond measure, in some ways, by worldly standards and in most ways, by heavenly standards. Those are the things that last! Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you Lord for Your marvelous gifts!
The gifts continue ....

351. We live in a “safe” neighborhood.
352. My parents love me and care where I am and what I am doing.
353. We are passionate about our children and where they are and what they are doing and what they are exposed to.
354. I have opportunity to show love in simple ways to those who are not blessed with a loving family in this world.
355. Raking (and jumping in) leaves in the front yard together.

356. A yard with trees that make leaves for me to rake.

357. Sometimes just knowing that "this too shall pass."
358. Warm sweaters and thick wool socks.
359. My husband is always thinking about me and my well-being and how we are learning everyday to work as a better team.
360. Inner-city outreach programs that my kids are privileged and excited to work in with our home team once a month … who knew that hotdogs and chips and grapes and chocolate chip cookies could speak so much love!
361. Salads.
362. Birds that nest in the tree year-round outside my kitchen and dining room window.
363. Deer season and the joy my husband derives from going hunting and bringing the little people with him!

364. Deep close friendships where one is close enough to really share themselves, warts and all, and know that they are safe.
365. There are still great family movies … we just saw Bolt and it was hilarious and worth the money we forked out to see it.
366. How the Lord goes out of His way to remind us that He never gives up on us and we are not to give up on His prodigal sons and daughters that He has placed on our hearts to pray for.
367. Garage sells.
368. That God doesn’t give up on communicating with me, even when it requires a neon sign to get the message across.
369. My family is restored by His grace … I cannot even begin to express the big old awesomeness of that precious miracle. I am continually in awe and amazed at the restoration only He can bring.
370. The way my heart is filled with joy and love at precious daughters.
371. Not much sweeter than peacefully sleeping "babes", no matter the age.
372. The comfort husband's hand brings when mine is aching and painful.
373. How God orchestrated for us to see a family, that is so dear to us and hurting right now, randomly at the movies and I was blessed to love on each of their daughters. The Lord has broken my heart for these little girls and I am once again dedicated to pray for their mother’s deliverance.
374. Quotes that are so cool.
375. People who God speaks through in written words, spoken words, touches and by example.
376. Reconnecting with old girlfriends.
377. My 92 year old Grannie who still has lots of spunk and fire.
378. Husband's dialogue with girls at dinner table ... "So, what did you learn in school today?" Oh, the joy!
379. There are friends in my life for seasons (some come and some go) and there are friends in my life that are for life. What a precious gift!
380. How awesome and amusing it is to me to speak with God about things and be told not to speak with anyone but Him about them and then to watch Him take care of it in His own and perfect way. Got to love how God does that!
381. I have a car that drives great and that I love driving.
382. Gas prices are reasonable again.
383. I live near a grocery store that has a spring form pan I can run over and get at 7:45 p.m.
384. My girls and I having great fun watching “17 and Counting” about the Duggar family. There are some lessons we might all learn about family life by watching them.
385. We have family to be thankful for and celebrate with on Thanksgiving.
386. God has been giving us opportunities to share our blessings with others and my heart swells each time we do.
387. How amazing it is to sit back and reflect on the way God’s orchestrates events and people into our lives over years even. Blows me away!
388. Trees with bright yellow leaves.

389. The gift of being the friend someone chooses to trust with prayer and to lean on in trials.
390. Red berries on Yaupon tree’s with brilliant green leaves … it’s beginning to look a little like Christmas!


sharilyn said...

the happiest of thanksgivings to you, debra! i'm blessed by your heart! have a day full of laughter, family, great food, and many, many thanks to Him Who gave it all to you!

Pipsylou said...

Thank you for your comments on Audrey Caroline.

SuzyQ said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment over at my place :0)
I too have recently started my own gift list. It is a beautiful way to remind myself of His wonderful grace and gifts.
You have a lovely blog :0)
Blessings ~

Julie said...

Love your thankful heart! I know it must please the Lord too.