Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Am A Sheep!

I would like to state it right now. I am a sheep. I am proud to be a sheep. I love my sheep status. The Lord is my Shepherd. There is no other. I trust Him fully and He never fails me. In spite of what I think I need or want, He knows what is best. I am a sheep. In fact, I am a tiny sheep,

although I would like to be and see myself sometimes as a big sheep.

I am a sheep and it doesn’t really matter what size sheep I am. My job is to love and be loved by the Shepherd. Thank you, Lord, that I am a sheep!

1 comment:

sharilyn said...

thank you, debra, for that reminder. today, of all days, i need to remember how BIG God is, and how ridiculously ridiculous and small i am! : ) (by the way, i LOVE that first sheep! he's adorable!)