Friday, November 21, 2008

Fortress Sunday

“A mighty fortress is our God …” Words to an old hymn I can remember singing growing up in church. I caught the real meaning of these words last Sunday. For almost two years our Home Team family has served up hot dogs, chips, grapes and chocolate chip cookies once a month to Fortress. A non-profit organization all about being a “fortress” to the urban youth of our area. We get the privilege, with our kids, of serving them dinner and then sitting around family-style and passing plates and using manners and investing in their lives. Over this time, our kids have come to love being a part of serving others. It’s a small way to impact them at this age because most of the kids there are their age, too. They have a real visual image of how blessed we really are. Two gifts from above ... shared joy and perspective. Here are a few of the highlights …

A Mighty Fortress!

Preparing the food ...

Hot dogs ... who knew? Several times we've thought to do a different menu, but they want hot dogs!

... and a little lemonade to wash it down.

Loving on His children.

These are some spunky girls! Precious and so full of life and promise!

"See my big muscles. I ate all my hot dog!"


A smile with one of their fearless and tireless leaders ... Ms. D!

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Amy said...

Debra - you should look at my friend Jennifer's blog (she's listed on the side). A few sundays ago our church had a GO AND SERVE day. She and her family went to Fortress and she has a video of her youngest during the praise time. It is so cute - you'll love it!