Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Things ...

First this … I ran across this blog, Open Apologies, from another blog and this entry rocked my socks …

“Wooden Sword”

I know that I am a warrior in the Kingdom of Christ Jesus, yet I fight often with a wooden sword.

The sword I should unsheathe is bright, quick, fierce, unapologetic, purposed, passionate, sharp, skilled, lovely…yet often this half hearted warrior lazily pulls a wooden sword in which to attack with.

This apology is extended to that wooden sword… I know you’ve been made as a toy for a boy and his imagination, but may I lay you down and take up the true weapon.

Phew! And if that isn’t enough then I read this comment at A Holy Experience

"I believe there is more than believing. There is living what I believe."

Now there is a challenge! More than believing … there is living what I believe. Ouch! That is B.I.G. Easy to say I believe this or that, not necessarily easy to live it out … walk in it. Give it legs and breath. Let my life speak it’s truth. The truth is that loving and serving God needs to be my life’s goal. My life’s work. My every living breathing moment’s passion. Loving God. Being loved by Him. You see, if I am living what I believe then concern over my daughters and those around me catching it is obsolete. They will. There is no question. I will get it myself. I won’t wander. I won’t get rattled or confused. I won’t stay seated for awhile when I fall down. I will know because it is the truth I live every second of the day. God is good. All the time. God is Father, Savior, Friend, Lover of my soul. He is the one that this crazy world is all about. I am the one, who in my selfishness and laziness, messes things up. God gave me an astute brain and will power that I have yet to harness in my 44 years to it’s full capacity. He made me marvelous. Will I embrace it and will I be a witness always for Him and will I teach my children moment by moment of everyday that He is all there is and the only way and without Him there is no life? By the grace of God and in His strength I will. I will use His word as my guide and follow His Spirit. I will follow His prompting and all the directions He whispers in my ear. I will take up my sword. I will be still and know. And, He will have His perfect will done through and in me. Thank you, Lord, for grace when I mess up, and here is to living what I believe!

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