Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Gifts ....

301. Nice and comforting radiology techs.
302. Sweet Godly young men who are walking for the Lord and who are gracious enough to pick up an older person (me!) from a medical test and drive them home and take out the dogs, too, when there are much better things a teenager could be doing! Thank you, BP!
303. Being invited to “chaperone” at a birthday party that included seeing “High School Musical 3” on premiere day … I don’t know who had more fun, me or the girls!
304. The steadying arm of my loving husband during this time of dizziness. God gave me a real hero!
305. Our church “family” … not the church members, but the members of our personal family … the group of families we are blessed to walk out life on this earth with. I know they are rare and we are blessed beyond measure.
306. Healing prayer groups.
307. Mental focus.
308. I-pods with praise music!
309. Oldest daughter taking i-pod and going for a walk on the block … just she and Jesus … and the gift of seeing her out the window singing and praising! Thank you Jesus!
310. Patriotism.
311. The privilege of voting.
312. God knows everything that is going on in this crazy world and is in control.
313. God is NOT surprised by anything.
314. God is NOT sitting up in heaven wondering what to do next. He ALWAYS knows.
315. A tall cold glass of ice water.
316. The lost art of writing letters and sending them in the mail … not email. There is nothing like finding a letter in the mailbox!
317. Daughters making up games … using their imagination!

318. Small town football games where the entire community, literally, comes out to cheer on the boys … in this case, one of them was nephew, Cody.

319. Naps.
320. Old quilts made with love. This is one I made with my Grannie when I was in high school and they still had Home Economics class.

321. Laughter from youngest daughters comment on why she wasn’t asleep … “It’s hard to fall asleep when your wild!”
322. A burst of energy after several weeks of fatigue.
323. Youngest daughter discovering a section of the library just for her … first readers!
324. Front row parking at the grocery store.
325. Comfort food.
326. I am loved!
327. The blessing of friends who pray for you.
328. God’s healing power!
329. Contrasts.

330. No one is the same … we are all uniquely made by our Creator. Each with our own talents and gifts and strengths and weaknesses. All meant to connect with our Heavenly Daddy and all meant to sharpen and build up each other. Awesome!
331. Oldest daughters rendition of “Grannie.”

332. Youngest daughters portrait of our family.

333. Fall leaves falling from trees.

334. How it amazes me what my children learn everyday … and the privilege of learning it with them and how much we, yep we, enjoy homeschooling.

335. Homeschool p.e., version #2 ... yep, that's jumprope!

336. God orchestrated my doctor’s appointment in town versus out-of-town and it’s a pretty cool story how He did it.
337. We all have the “sword of the spirit which is the word of God” to fight what is evil in this world.
338. That my MRI’s did not show a brain tumor or any really other yucky thing.
339. That my beloved husband is so tender and sweet and held my hair up while I puked last night at 1:45 a.m. and then continued to check on me and got no sleep either.
340. That my parents and my mother-in-law love me so much they are willing to drop what is on their agenda to come and take care of me … and the girls and B.
341. Crockpots.
342. The meat man at Tom Thumb who told me to buy “beef chuck boneless pot roast” for a perfect roast every time.
343. My Grannie’s 7-up cake.
344. That I can give a goat or a chicken or a cow or water and help someone … you can too, click here.
345. Full pantries.
346. Awesome preaching online when you don’t feel well enough to sit in church … well and for anytime. Want to hear some, click here.
347. Home made chicken noodle soup to cure what ails you.
348. Daddy-daughter projects.
349. That I had the energy today to make banana bread …
350. …. and the ability to taste it fresh from the oven with butter melting on it.

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April Spicer said...

I'm so sorry you have been sick! Did you get the stomach bug? Oh man, you poor thing. I hope you are feeling better. I made zucchini bread this afternoon and you are right. It is so wonderful making it and then eating it as soon as it is out of the oven! I miss you. I wish we could chat the days away together sometimes. We are on the same page often when I read your blog. Love you!